5 ways you could raise money for charity in 2020


Do you want to plan an event this year to do your bit for charity? There’s more than one way to help the causes that are close to your heart to raise money to continue their good work.

We’ve been inspired by Red Bull’s charity challenges that are good for the body and soul too. But if you’re looking for something a little less extreme than canoeing 125 miles along the Avon Canal and River Thames or the 1,000 km Mongol Derby, there’s still plenty you can do.

If you’re hoping to raise money for a cause you care about, the good news is people give generously to charity. Almost seven in ten (65%) of people give money to charity and 64% take part in charitable activities. In 2018 alone, more than £10 billion was donated to good causes. If you want to be involved in raising some of that money, there are plenty of ways to do so.

1. Commit to a physical challenge

When it comes to grabbing the attention of would-be donors, challenges work.

Whether it’s completing a marathon or cycling along a stunning route, you can tailor physical challenges to suit your fitness and interest. Whilst they need to represent a test of your skills or endurance, they don’t all have to be extreme. A walk can catch just as much attention as a run, for instance, particularly if you make it a little different, such as a night-time walk or one that will include local landmarks.

Setting yourself a goal and achieving it can be just as rewarding as fundraising too. Make sure your goal is realistic and within a reasonable time frame, particularly if you need to train. Picking something you enjoy doing or have always wanted to try your hand at can help make the goal far more fun to reach.

2. Make and sell items

The most common item with this option is cakes, who doesn’t love a bake sale to raise money for a good cause?

It’s relatively cheap and cakes always go down well, with the profits going to your chosen charity. But you’re not limited by your baking credentials. If you love dedicating time to arts and crafts, they can prove an excellent way to raise money for charity. Handcrafted cards are a good example here but play to your strength and passions.

It’s worth putting in place a plan for selling the items too. Will you simply let friends and family know what you’re doing or set up a stall at a fair one weekend?

3. Host an event

If your skills lie in being organised, this option might be perfect for you. Putting together an event can be a great opportunity to have fun and fundraise. You can be as extravagant as you like, from a laid-back coffee morning through to an evening event complete with entertainment.

Putting on an event gives you a chance to raise sums for charity in a single day, although the work will start weeks before for you, and have enormous fun. It’s a chance to focus on an event that you’d enjoy taking part in.

If you have connections, hosting an event is a great way to make use of them for charitable purposes. From renting a venue at a discounted price, or better yet without charge, to receiving gift donations that can be used for an auction, tapping into your network can make your event even more successful.

4. Make it part of a work initiative

More and more companies are making corporate responsibility pledges and for many, this includes some charitable giving or activities. If your workplace has yet to focus on how it can work with charities, you could champion the cause. Even if your workplace is already active when it comes to charity, coming up with new ways to boost efforts can have a huge impact.

Whether you aim to encourage colleagues to set up challenges of their own or reach out to clients, focusing on charity at work can mean you already have an audience to reach out to for donations.

As well as raising money, your firm may be able to provide support to charities in other ways. Perhaps donating your time on a regular basis would be more valuable or putting your skills to use for the charity.

5. Support other fundraising efforts

You don’t have to take the reins to help meet fundraising targets. Supporting events or efforts others are taking the lead on still has a positive impact. Whether it’s making a donation the next time a colleague announces they’ll be taking on the Three Peaks Challenge or attending a family fun day, backing charitable efforts can still be rewarding even if you’re not the one behind it.

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