Category: Financial Shocks

The cost of Covid-19: How does pandemic borrowing add up?

In 2020, the government spent an unprecedented amount supporting the economy through the Covid-19 pandemic. The economic consequences are expected to be felt for years to come and will no doubt influence policy that will affect personal finances. For the 2020/21 tax year, public sector net borrowing – the difference between public spending and total receipts from tax and other sources – was £394 billion. That’s a huge £339 billion higher...
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Research finds that Brits are worryingly exposed to financial shocks

Even carefully laid financial plans can go astray. Financial shocks, such as losing your job or being too ill to work, can affect your financial security. Yet, figures show many Brits aren’t taking the necessary steps to improve their financial resilience. A financial shock can cause short-term stress and money worries. But they can also have a long-term impact, for example, if you’re forced to dip into savings earmarked for something else,...
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