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The history of investing: What the past can teach us about market cycles

2020 was an eventful year. The pandemic and subsequent lockdowns around the world had a huge impact on life, which inevitably affected stock markets and investment portfolios. The stock market volatility experienced a year ago will be fresh in the mind of investors, but the crash wasn’t unique. Investors have experienced ups and down for centuries Technology has made investing easier than ever and gives investors far more choice, but the basics...
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Investment market update: December 2020

2020 was a year marked by volatility and uncertainty. With everything that was going on, you might think that investors finished the year with losses. Yet, world markets ended the year almost 13% up. It’s a reminder that while short-term volatility does happen, focusing on the long-term and your plans is important. The Covid-19 pandemic was one of the biggest factors influencing markets throughout 2020. Despite vaccine approvals, it’s set to...
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Are Premium Bonds a good place for your savings?

With interest rates low and investment markets experiencing volatility throughout 2020, you may be looking for an alternative place to put your money. Premium Bonds are an option you may be considering, but you could end up missing out on returns. What are Premium Bonds? Premium Bonds are a type of investment product issued by National Savings & Investment (NS&I), but they work differently to other types of investments for two key...
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What has 2020 taught us about investing?

2020 has been an eventful year for investment markets. Impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic and government responses to this, there have been many valuable investment lessons that will apply in 2021 and beyond. As the extent of the pandemic became known in March, stock markets around the world suffered sharp falls. In fact, fears of a recession meant the FTSE suffered its biggest fall since the 2008 financial crisis and trading was temporarily...
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Has financial bias cost you money this year?

Stock markets in 2020 have been characterised by volatility and uncertainty. If you’ve made financial decisions based on your feeling towards this, it could have cost you money. Whenever we make a decision, we have to weigh up the different options. While reasons and facts should be the basis for any decision you make, emotions play a role too. Where this happens when making financial decisions, this is called financial bias. It can mean you end...
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Balancing investment risk and reward: What should you consider?

We know that investments come with risk and the value of your investments can fall. With risk linked to potential rewards, it can be difficult to know how much risk is appropriate for you. When we make financial decisions, lots of factors can influence what you decide. This may include emotional factors or bias, which can lead to you taking too much or too little risk for your circumstances So, how do you balance risk and reward when...
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Calculating investment risk: What plays a role?

When investing, we all know that capital is at risk. We’ve often talked about understanding your risk profile and the level of risk you should take when investing. But what affects how risky an investment is? Understanding the risk of an investment can help you gauge if it’s the right investment for you and how it’ll change the balance of your portfolio. Numerous factors affect how risky an investment is, fund managers will use multiple ways...
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Is now the time to invest?

Global stock markets have suffered due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, and you may have heard suggestions that now is the ‘perfect time to buy’. After all, in an ideal world, you want to buy when stock prices are low and sell at a high. However, it’s not as straightforward as that and there’s no ‘perfect’ time that suits everyone. No one knows what is around the corner. Even professional investors are unlikely to have...
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Investment market update: November 2019

Welcome to our latest update on the investment market. We take a quick look at some of the key factors that influenced the stock market in November and could continue to do so over the coming months. The hot topics that have affected the markets in 2019, Brexit, the US-China trade war and concerns of economic slumps, look set to continue as we head into 2020. In fact, the OECD has stated that the global outlook is unstable. The world’s economy...
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Investment market update: October 2019

Welcome to our latest update on the investment market. We take a quick look at some of the key factors that influenced the stock market in October and could continue to do so over the coming months. The global economy continues to have a gloomy outlook. In October, the World Trade Organisation slashed its global forecast to the lowest in a decade. The organisation now predicts growth of 1.2% this year, compared to the 2.6% estimate it gave in...
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